Dancing in the Dark: The End of Physics? - documentary

Dancing in the Dark: The End of Physics?
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Scientists still do not know what the universe is really made of. Its true that we only fully understand how atoms work which from our point of view seems like a massive part of the universe since they are the building blocks of stars, planets and us, however the reality is that atoms only make up around 4% of the universe. The problem with new sciences which are coming about is the fact that they can not be researched using the traditional methods of physics, dark matter for instance does not make any interaction with regular particles not even light. This is a bizarre concept when you consider that dark matter and dark energy make up most of the universe. Imagine for a moment that the universe is a swimming pool and the people floating in it are the “normal” matter. No matter how hard you tried you could not find the water except if you knew it was there. 


Researching the dark elements has led scientists around the world to use revolutionary techniques to discover what is really going on within the fabic of the universe which will change the way we look at physics forever. A testament to this is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN which some people say is capable of creating a micro black hole due to it’s massive energy consumption. 

Mystery, Science

David Mitchell
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