Horizon the Mystery of Dark Energy - documentary

Horizon the Mystery of Dark Energy
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The Mystery of Dark Energy: Science is faced with one its toughest questions ever and the answer could revolutionise the way we understand our Universe and physics on its most fundamental level. Currently we have little if any understanding of Dark energy, the effects of which were discovered in 1998. We know of its existence but nothing about what it is, why its there, or how it works. What makes it even more interesting is that for the first time Albert Einsteins theory of relativity is being called into question, and with it, everything we thought we knew about the Universe.


The quest to understand dark energy is one of Physics leading problems and may take another pioneering mind such as Einstein or Newton to crack the issue. This documentary offers an insight into what little we know about Dark energy as well as some of the forerunning theories to explain it.

Science, Mystery

Mark Radice
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Reviewed on April 10, 2016



quazatron 2016-08-02 21:39:56

Fascinating, thoroughly enjoyed it.


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