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Trinity and Beyond
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Trinity and beyond takes us on one of the most possibly folish endevours that humanity has ever encountered. In this documentary we see the preparations for the Trinity event through to the first thermonuclear detonation within which the first fusion reaction that took place using a fission detonator on earth.


Dancing with death. “Atomic Ballet,” Sally McCloskey ~ 1956: undefined exact date. 

Dancing with death - atomic

Political, History

Peter Kuran
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We all know killing is wrong. We all know weapons are built for killing. A handgun kills a single person while a nuke kills a 100,000 people. Why do some reviewers downgrade this documentary for not commenting much on the moral implications of a nuke? It does talk about it somewhat. And what is the benefit of showing graphic charred Hiroshimans? We all know the result of a 10 million degree heat wave is damage on the human body. It's implied not shown graphically.

As for the moral debate... have you ever seen a gun documentary on the military channel? Do they comment on the immorality of an M-16? Or even the immorality of a sword? Killing 1 person is as terrible as killing a million if that one person is someone you love.

I found this doc to be incredible, if slightly repetitive and slow at 2 hours. The footage and the unbelieveable musical score blew my mind.

The Bikini explosion that raised a mile wide cone of seawater 20,000 feet in the air in 5 seconds made me gasp. It made the giant aircraft carriers in its wake look like ants.

Reviewed on March 25, 2016



smithy 2016-05-27 00:51:37

Really terrible earth shatteringly bad music after the detonations, a side from that that film is really amazingly informative.



ben 2016-03-25 00:04:39



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