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Bitter Lake
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Bitter Lake, a feature-length documentary by renowned filmmaker Adam Curtis which attempts to unravel the complex nuances surrounding crises which are happening all over the world, with a specific focus on Afghanistan and the reaction from western powers.


Certainly, in the west, people are fed very simplified versions behind big stories, because in truth politicians (who are often largely incompetent) do not understand any of the root elements surrounding given issues properly themselves. We have seen this recently with the bombing of what we think were chemical weapons factories in Syria. A rash decision made by politicians in the UK and US that was essentially based on hearsay and not hard evidence. The public were told that Assad had done another chemical weapons attack, but only had a few scanty sources to back that up. In fact, the place where the most recent supposed chemical weapons attack happened was in an area controlled by Jaysh al-Islam (the army of Islam) who in 2016 had been accused strongly of using chemical weapons. Considering Assad had almost won, who had a bigger motivation to commit such a heinous crime that would almost guarantee a response from the west?


Points similar to the aforementioned are what "Bitter Lake" looks into. So maybe the public can learn to look deeper into issues that many politicians are so blasé about so we can learn from our mistakes.

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