World War II in Colour: Britain at Bay

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About the World War II in Colour: Britain at Bay documentary

Presenter Robert Powell Category War Year 2009 Watch time 00:51:29

How Britain defended itself against the might of the NAZI regime. It was assumed that sooner or later Britain would surrender to Germany primarily because of the attacks led by the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Göring. In 1940 the Luftwaffe had a massive air superiority over the British. On August the 13th 1940 known as  Adlertag or “eagle day” in English. Germany attacked air factories and radar towers with 1100 German to 700 British planes, however they were repaired within hours. After relentless raids on the south coast of England Hitler eventually realized that Britain was a much more formidable force than the countries that he had defeated in mainland Europe. 



However the strikes on Britain continued almost every night which brought the air force and navy to breaking point. This documentary explores the battle of Britain and how the country sought help from the United States which most certainly wanted to remain neutral after its great depression.



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