Factory City - The Biggest Factory on Earth - documentary

Factory City - The Biggest Factory on Earth
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Factory city is a documentary about possibly the largest factory in the world owned by EUPA and located in China. Life in this line work is nothing like your ordinary western job since not only do people earn money here they actually live out their lives within the factory walls even getting married there is a completely normal occurrence. As you would expect life can get tough for these people as insanely long shifts and poor working conditions are the norm. 


But what do the factory workers in the largest factory in the world actually do? EUPA manufactures a whole range of household appliances from microwaves to blenders to Irons for which they make more than 15 million each year. Its big business and this is only expanding with the companies newly introduced solar panel systems (as of 2009).


The truth is EUPA is a social and engineering marvel, one we can learn a lot from. The Chinese industrial revolution is expanding on a scale the human race has never seen before and these factory cities are becoming a normal working environment. This documentary tells us how the largest factory in the world operates and also tells the story of some of the people who work there.

Society, Engineering

Aidan Devine
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