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The Pyramid Code
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The 2010 5-part documentary series The Pyramid Code centres around work by Dr Carmen Boulter who went to 50 countries in the search for ancient technology that according to her can be found embedded in ancient monuments, especially in Egypt on the Giza Plato.


It has been widely theorised that ancient knowledge was in many ways the golden age of technology but not in the sense of computers and aircraft. The Ancients reportedly possessed knowledge which evolved on a different linear path to our modern way of thinking which was passed down by elders through ways such as The Pyramid Code and other methods around the world at significant sites. Over the time this knowledge has been lost and essentially erased from human history.


In many ways it hard to entertain the notion that civilizations from such a long time ago could have had superior knowledge to us. Regardless, we have always wondered how cultures such ancient Egypt were able to create such amazing structures; a subject that was covered in the 2010 documentary film Revelation of the pyramids.


To investigate this The Pyramid Code attempts to answer fundamental questions such as;  who were the ancients and what did they know? Are the Pyramids a lot older than Egyptologists believe? If you are looking for a documentary which explores latter question in absolute detail try the 1993 documentary Mystery of Sphinx which features the world-renowned geologist Dr Robert Schoch who explains how weathering patterns on the Sphinx are not consistent with its reported age.

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