Michael Moore Documentaries

Michael Moore in TrumpLand

Michael Moore in TrumpLand: In the weeks leading up to the decisive 2016 US presidential election between Republican candidate Donald John Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore (Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11) travels to the heart of "TrumpLand" to perform a darin[...]

Roger & Me (preview)

Roger and me is the first documentary produced by the world renowned film producer Michael More. In this film Michael Moore chases the CEO of General motors in the quest for answers about the closure of the car making planet in Flint, Michigan. Flint is Michaels hometown so the story was import[...]

Capitalism: A love Story

Capitalism: A love Story is a 2009 documentary created by the renowned film maker Michael Moore. This film explores the Western Love for Capitalism, more specifically when the economy crashed in 2008 and what has been done moving forward to ensure such events do not happen again in the future. This[...]

Where to Invade Next

Dubbed “Michael Moore’s most dangerous comedy” the documentary where to invade next takes a playful look into how the US can learn from other counties around the world as he “invades” them. The idea behind this light-hearted documentary film with a deep and signifi[...]


Sicko: A 2007 documentary by Michael Moore about the American health care system. Unlike the healthcare system in the United Kingdom and various other countries, the American health care system is run for profit which is often at the expense of the patients.    In this documenta[...]

Michael Moore - Fahrenheit 911

Fahrenheit 911: Produced and directed by the world famous Michael Moore, this documentary looks deep into the equilibrium surrounding 9/11 and brings some interesting details into the light. Michael More makes connections between the Bush administration and the Bin Laden family and much more.

A collection of Michael Moore documentaries.