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Pig Business
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Pig Business, a 2009 investigative-activism documentary which calls for changes to the Pig Farming industry, written and directed by environmental activist Tracy Louise Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort.


The film advocates organic farming methods and exposes organisations selling in the UK which do seem to care about the welfare of animals. On the documentaries official website farmsnotfactories.org you can find information about pork labels along with more free online videos of various other campaigns.


As well as covering animal welfare issues "Pig Business" also explores health threats to humans through the over-use of anti-biotics and damage caused to local communities through pollution.


Yes this documentary exposes animal cruelty and threats to human health at the hands of just a few huge corporations, and a conspiracy to put small organic pig farmers out of business through lobbying. Frankly, these kind of situations are becoming all the more common-place as were have seen in other films such as "The World According to Monsanto".

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