The World According to Monsanto - documentary

The World According to Monsanto
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The world according to Monsanto: In this documentary, we look into the world of the largest global company of agricultural products which includes the production of pesticides and drugs for animals. They also have been working extensively on producing modified crops such as corn and soybean for years now.


According to many people, Monsanto is responsible for the increase in diseases such as cancer and dementia as well as holding farmers hostage on crop prices. The film puts forward the argument that Monsanto is simply just a greedy corporation that does not care about the environment or people who have been affected by its influence in the name of profit.


For many GM crops are an Orwellian nightmare which is only going to get worse. In the EU GM crops must be labelled where in the US they do not. This is just one of the many points that this documentary makes to uncover the truth.

David Baker
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