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2018 Unrated

In the 2018 documentary Dominion by Chris Delforce filmmakers use hidden cameras and aerial drones to investigate the dark side of animal agriculture.

Land of Hope and Glory

2017 Unrated

Land of Hope and Glory, a 2017 documentary inspired by the 2005 documentary "Earthlings". While Earthlings focuses on animal rights in the United States many people were claiming that the situation in the UK was much better; to set the record straight this free documentary was made featuri[...]

Pig Business

2009 Unrated

  Pig Business, a 2009 investigative-activism documentary which calls for changes to the Pig Farming industry, written and directed by environmental activist Tracy Louise Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort.   The film advocates organic farming methods and exposes organisations selling[...]

Food Matters


The 2008 documentary Food Matters, directed by James Colquhoun, Carlo Ledesma examines how the nutritional value of the food we eat can have positive and negative impacts on our health. Using opinions of doctors, journalists and nutritionists the film explores nutritional therapy, organic food an[...]



Earthlings, a documentary about humankind's total reliance on animals for economic purposes narrated by American actor and producer Joaquin Phoenix. The film, which was directed by Shaun Monson uses hidden cameras in different industries to expose human exploitation which happens behin[...]

The Rise of Vertical Farming

2017 Unrated

Cities have been built upwards rather than outwards for the last 150+ years, so it makes perfect sense to use the same practices for growing food. That is exactly what “Vertical farming” hopes to achieve. There are a couple of advantages in doing this other than the obvious spa[...]

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