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The Truth About Alcohol
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The Truth About Alcohol documentary presented by Javid Abdelmoneim as part of his 2016 series “Trust Me I’m a Doctor”. Government guidelines and media coverage around the world provide massively contrasting opinions and facts in regards to how much alcohol consumption is bad and how much drinking of particular spirits such as wine can be a health benefit making it all very perplexing.


With that said, those of us who do drink can probably admit to themselves they probably drink too much. This was the inspiration for Javid making this alcohol documentary because after going a bit too heavy on the booze over the New Year and paying the price for it he decided to “go dry” for January, meaning zero alcohol.


Like most Javid Abdelmoneim documentaries, he turns himself into a Guinea pig for the purposes of research and this one is no exception. Begining with a blood test before giving up the drink he will see how quitting will affect his body as the centrepiece for this documentary, as well as speaking to experts on the subject who have differing opinions; people who drink more than 2-3 units per day are more likely to get heart disease and therefore have a lower life expectancy. But where is the solid scientific evidence for this? “The Truth About Alcohol” aims to make the record crystal clear and provide solid information that can be used in the real world.

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