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The 2007 documentary Trashed is about exactly what it says on the tin; the garbage business.


American filmmaker Bill Kirkos investigates one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S (according to 2007) to find out why there is so much junk, what problems it's causing and who is benefiting from it. Today we are generally way more educated about the cause and effects of waste on the environment thanks to documentaries such as Before the Flood and Garbage Island, however while these cover the subject of the environment and pollution in a more generalised way, Trashed looks specifically looks at the American waste system which exceeds half a billion tonnes a year.


Of course, the centrepiece of the documentary is the trash business, meaning where there is money to be made from there being more waste then that's good for profits no matter what the impact on the environment may be. So in many ways, this is a straight-up activism documentary.

Activism, Environment

Bill Kirkos
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