People of The Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar - documentary

People of The Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar
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People is the Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar is a 2009 feature length documentary film that tells the story of Gibraltar as it moves into the 21st century. This tiny Island on the Mediterranean Sea is bordered by Spain in the north and is a part of the United Kingdom’s overseas territories, a status that has been fought over for centuries. Despite only having a small population consisting of around 30,000 natives it one of the most famous places in the world thanks to the rock of Gibraltar which has been mentioned hundreds of times in ancient books.


As a small nation its world-wide interests are often overlooked, Gibraltar wants international recognition and a platform on the world stage which as the documentary film argues will set the country from “ongoing Spanish aggression”. As a small nation right on the southern reaches of Europe the needs of people more than likely differ from most other European countries which is an idea explored in the documentary created by Garrett Wesley Gibbons as well as many others.


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