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Sydney Opera House
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A documentary about the Sydney Opera House presented by radio host and Top Gear co presenter Richard Hammond. His series, Engineering Connections which was originally broadcast on National Geographic in 2009 looks into how engineers have used innovative techniques and inspirations from nature and science to create some of the most amazing feats of engineering the world has ever seen. 


The Sydney Opera is most certainly one of the most well recognisable buildings in the world. The venue, located in Australia is used for many different events pushing into the thousands every year, mostly consisting of performing arts. Having looked at the building one would think it is reasonably modern, perhaps built in the last twenty years however the plans for the iconic structure were put together way back in 1957; Danish designer Jørn Utzon is responsible for the design which features large wave like structures and a large, undulating white surfaces. There is no doubt that the Sydney Oprah House was one of the most radical and futuristic looking pieces of architectural design but this came at a massive cost as the government funded project ran way over-budget and it was only in 1973 that it opened to the public, more than 15 years after construction began.


This Sydney Opera house documentary explores an icon of Australia.


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