star Documentaries

Can We Make a Star on Earth?


  British professor Brian Cox asks the question; Can We Make a Star on Earth? Even if we could why would we want to? As we know the sun is the hottest and most violent place in our solar system.   The sun is essentially a giant fusion reactor which produces an enormous amount of e[...]

Life and Death of a Star


Life and Death of a Star documentary. Firstly, where are stars born? Found in a region of the cosmos clumps of gas and dust as dark and dense than projected shadows strongest recorded to date in interstellar space for this class of cosmic objects. Infrared observations of these unique regions,[...]

The Universe: The Biggest Things in Space

2008 Unrated

The universe is so big that it troubles one's mind to even think about it, but the objects within the universe are equally as astonishing. The Earth seems like a pretty big place however it is merely a spec of dust compared to the largest objects and structures in the universe, the closest objec[...]

A collection of star documentaries to watch online.