Murder: No Apparent Motive - documentary

Murder: No Apparent Motive
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Murder: No Apparent Motive is a 75 minute long 1984 documentary about serial killers and FBI Behavioral Sciences Profilers who seek to dissect the minds of serial killers in order to better understand what makes them tick, their modus operandi, and to help develop patterns which can help them to apprehend serial killers more effectively. The documentary includes interviews with two notorious American serial killers, Ted Bundy and Ed Kemper, as well as interviews with crime victims and law enforcement officers.


The film was directed by Emmy Award-winning producer Imre Horvath, who worked on numerous 60 Minutes episodes for CBS, at a time when 4000 Americans a year were being killed by complete strangers with no apparent motive – often likely a simple lust for murder. The film was released in 1984 and catching a serial killer at that time was much more difficult than it is now, thanks to modern advancements in DNA testing and national DNA databases.


Imre Horvath
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