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The Korean War in Colour
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The North Korean army flooded into South Korean on 25th June 1950 with more than 75,000 soldiers across the 38th parallel blockade. This was the first military action since the beginning of the Cold War. As a result, the United States entered the war on behalf of South Korea as the South was a pro-western democracy, while the communist North was backed by both China and the Soviet Union. While China or Russia never went to war in Korea the US was desperate to come to an armistice with the North as they feared if either one of these two super-powers got involved it could result in a nuclear world war three.


The Korean war ended in July 1953, after 5 million people had been killed, both civilians and soldiers.  Nearly 40,000 American soldiers died and nearly half the rest were Korean civilians, the death rate of the war exceeded World War 2. The result of the conflict was essentially returning to the same equilibrium as before the war except South Korea gained roughly 1500 square miles of territory as the new boundary between the countries moved further up. Many people say that the Korean war never really ended as there is still a bitter rivalry between the countries since 1953, especially from the North. The demilitarised zone between the two nations has become a no mans a land of sorts and is heavily patrolled by both countries.


Today tensions between Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and First Republic of Korea (South) are higher than ever. Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of the North has been conducting nuclear tests for years now and the state has claimed they have a nuclear ballistic missile which can strike anywhere in the US. This has prompted action from US President Donald John Trump in the form of a Navy Task force being sent to the Korean Peninsula and pushing countries such as China to put trade sanctions on the North Korean regime in order to slow down the development of their nuclear program.


Could there be another war in Korea? Evidently, it is something no countries in the world would want to see. The Supreme leader, Kim Jong-un has stated many times that the motive for the DPRK becoming a nuclear power is for it be a deterrent rather than actively bringing about world war three. Despite this, relations between North Korea and the rest of the world changes on a weekly basis to it is difficult to see what is around the corner.

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