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The Cross of the Moment
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The Cross of the Moment is a 2015 documentary created by film maker Jacob Freydont-Attie about Earth’s the current environmental crisis. This feature length documentary film aims to elucidate the connecting dots between Fermi’s Paradox, climate change, capitalism, and collapse. In the film there are deep interviews with intellectuals and scientists that have weighted opinions, when woven together paint a picture of one of the most highly discussed topics in human history.


Fermi paradox


A leading theory explored in the film is the Fermi paradox, named by physicist Enrico Fermi which is essentially about the paradox of high probabilities that contradictory lack almost any evidence. A good example of this would be Frank Drakes’ Drake Equation describing the probability and intelligence of extraterrestrial life throughout the universe.


The following phrases sum up the scope of The Cross of the Moment:

rare earth theory, the methane clathrate, gun, eco-socialism, astro-biology, climate tipping points, the cross of the moment, near term human extinction, the great filter, surplus value, ipcc ar5, anarchism, infinite growth, revolution, capitalism, connect the dots, ppm, collapse, fermi's paradox, population overshoot, business as usual, sustainability.

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