A Very British Brothel - documentary

A Very British Brothel
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A Very British Brothel goes behind the scenes of one of the most popular massage parlours in Sheffield called City Suna ran by mother and daughter duo Kath, 54, and Jenni, 28. Established in 1985, the brothel has been serving clients for all kinds of sexual services including “custard baths” as we see in the documentary presented by Lesley Manville.


City Suna massage specialises in “large” and “mature” ladies offering services for as little as £10 according to the website Mccoys guide. As a result, there is always a customer looking for kinky thrills whether that be at 10 am on a Monday morning or late on a Sunday evening and as escort Lacey proclaims women working there often have sex with up to fifteen “punters” a day. It’s big business.


Yes, A Very British Brothel reveals a side of society that is often brushed under the rug. Owner Kath relates the business to a fish and chips shop in the formality of selling companionship services and not something taboo or to be frowned upon as is often the case in society at large.

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Lesley Manville
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