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Incontrovertible is a two hour long 2015 British made documentary film which portrays the views of police officers, firefighters and soldiers who doubt the official explanation into the 9/11 attacks, and also explores the Western medias reporting of the events on that terrible day.


The film is directed by Tony Rooke, a British activist who famously refused to pay the obligatory UK television license fee in protest at what he believes was complicity by the BBC in a conspiracy on 9/11 after they reported that building 7 had fallen 20 minutes prior to it actually happening (see the documentary The Third Tower for more on that news report). He won a high court challenge on the issue.


The film’s narrative is effectively based around a full and frank list of purported events which each amount to a miracle in the belief of the contributors, and collectively amount to what they consider the utter impossible. This well-polished production is one of the better made of the low budget 9/11 conspiracy films out there.

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Tony Rooke
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