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Dinosaur Britain
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Dinosaur Britain is a two-part 2015 documentary directed by Gareth Johnson which tells the story of the many species of dinosaurs which once inhabited the British Isles. It tells us which species of dinosaur lived in Great Britain, what they ate, and their common causes of death based on analysis of their bones. The series was presented by palaeontologist Dean Lomax and television presenter Ellie Harrison, also featuring is palaeontologist Darren Naish.


The documentary uses advanced computer graphics to depict the dinosaurs and sets them to the backdrop of modern Britain, showing them wandering the halls of the British Natural History Museum, rampaging through the streets of Oxford, and causing mischief at Stonehenge. People would not automatically associate Britain with dinosaurs, but the country actually has one of the biggest yields of dinosaur fossils in the world and some of the most important early dinosaur discoveries occurred in England.

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