Weirdest Dinosaurs - documentary

Weirdest Dinosaurs
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A 2015 dinosaur documentary hosted by Roger Tilling, also known by the alternative title Bizarre Dinosaurs and commonly found by the incorrect title of World’s Weirdest Dinosaurs, this one-hour-long documentary looks at some of the strangest looking dinosaurs ever discovered. It follows some of the worlds leading palaeontologists as they travel the world seeking out rare or previously unknown dinosaur species.


Dinosaurs featured include the Mamenchisaurus which had a neck which was longer than the rest of their body, Chasmosaurus which was a dinosaur which wore a big frilly crown to attract potential mates, and Spinosaurus which had massive extensions vertebrae which looked like they could have been used to attach a sail. Why did these animals develop these strange features, what was the purpose, and why did evolution determine that these things were no longer required?

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Roger Tilling
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