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Dino Hunt: Canada
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A four-part 2015 documentary series presented by Dan Akroyd, which follows six different teams of expert Canadian palaeontologists (fossil hunters) as they seek to discover what would be some of the most important dinosaur fossil finds of modern times. In this series, they take the viewer on a journey to some of the most stunning places in the country including the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and the Canadian Badlands in Alberta, all in search of dinosaurs.


The Horned Dinosaur Mysteries

A team of palaeontologists attempt to find out why an entire herd of dinosaurs in what is now northern Alberta were killed in one blow whilst in south Alberta another team another team search for a skull to go with some recently discovered bones to determine whether they have discovered a new species of horned dinosaur.


Cutlers Cave and Flying Dinos

A team of palaeontologists in the badlands of Alberta track down a 100-year-old dig site to find the remains of an armoured dinosaur which lived around 73 million years ago, whilst another team in British Columbia try to lift 4000 kilograms of fossilized skeleton out of a secret location.


The Dawn of the Dinosaurs

In the Bay of Fundy, a team of palaeontologists search for fossils of some of the earliest dinosaurs, whilst another team in British Columbia tracks some dinosaur prints up a steep rock face.


The End of the Dinosaurs

A team in Alberta attempt to further understand the story of the extinction of dinosaurs by seeking out the skeleton of a rare horned dinosaur and a team in Saskatchewan find the fossils of the last known dinosaurs to walk the earth.

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