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The Fear of 13
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The Fear of 13, a 2015 documentary by David Sington (In the Shadow of the Moon) which tells the story of Nick Yarris, who spent 22 years on death row after being convicted of murder at the age of 21 in 1982.


After decades behind bars, he made the conscious request that all appeals for his life be cancelled, and for the death sentence to be carried out. He had given up.


In a remarkable turn of events, Nick was released after new DNA evidence proved his innocence. So in 2004, he suddenly became a free man once again but left with the scars of serving more than half of his life on Death Row in Pennsylvania.


The "The Fear of 13" documentary features the first interview where Yarris talks about why he stopped appealing his death sentence. Beyond that, he tells his life story in a one-to-one fashion throughout the film; nobody else appears in the documentary.

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