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Psychedelic Britannia
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Psychedelic Britannia, a documentary about what many people to be the most visionary period in British music history roughly between the years 1965 and 1970.  This was a generation that discovered the drug LSD which shaped popular culture like never before and allowed a small group of talented musicians to change the shape and style of music forever. The late 1960’s saw a number of R&B bands who made a style of music that was unique, “trippy” and propelled them from small-time underground clubs right into the forefront of mainstream music. Bands such as Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Traffic, Kaleidoscope and Soft Machine took to the charts by storm challenging popular bands like the Beatles, Procol Harum and The Rolling Stones. Often topping their success bringing a shift in the style of what songs many groups wrote. 


“Psychedelic Britannia” is presented by Nigel Planer who takes us on a journey through this amazing time in music, using archive footage and interviewing the people who were apart of that revolution as well as presenting brand new performances from artists such as Arthur Brown. The film shows both the epic rise and fall of a culture that still maintains a healthy following to this day.

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Nigel Planer
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