Hannah Fry Documentaries

Size Matters with Hannah Fry

Science Presenter Hannah Fry 2018 Unrated

Size Matters with Hannah Fry: In this 2018 science documentary Hannah Fry looks at the grand order of size across the universe and why things are big and small.   The universe features unimaginably large objects like red giant stars, tiny objects like bacteria and things that fit somewher[...]

The Joy of Data (preview)

This documentary is available to purchace at: http://www.wingspanproductions.co.uk/shop   “The Joy of Data”, a 2016 Wingspan documentary presented by Mathematician dr. Hannah Fry who takes an extensive look into our data driven world today. This high-tech tech dump tells[...]

Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing

A documentary about the history of the modern computer. Dr Hannah Fry tells the story of the unlikely genius Ada Lovelace who is responsive for creating the blueprint for the modern day computer which has totally transformed the world we live in.    Hannah explores the story of Ada a[...]

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