Addicted to Sexting - documentary

Addicted to Sexting
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Addicted to Sexting, a 2015 documentary by American filmmaker Joseph Tosconi exploring the relatively new social phenomenon of "sexting".


Apparently millions of people around the world "sext", so to explore how people are affected by it this documentary was created. There are many opinions presented in the film, some in favour of and some sceptical of it always being a positive experience. A notable point made in the film is how some personal electronic flirting can end in disastrous consequences, as we have seen time and time again. Many people in politics and the media have had their actions on electronic devices come back to haunt them in a big way.


Sexting is here to stay; what are its pitfalls, benefits and negatives? "Addicted to Sexting" examines.

Joseph Tosconi
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