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Legally High
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Legally High looks into the massively changing drug culture as it was in Britain during 2013. So-called legal highs such as spice were soaring in popularity over the "old" drugs such as cocaine and speed, primarily because they were cheap and could be easily obtained.


These legal highs such as spice and mamba are banned in the UK now, but there was a time when you could go to a high-street shop and buy as much of it as you wanted. Incredible considering the effects it can have on an individual which could be anything from dying to becoming a "zombie". This is what we have seen in cities across the UK in the last few years, especially in Manchester which at one point was considered to be in crisis mode.


Now that these synthetic alternatives to weed are no longer available to the public they have gone to the underground market. They have lost their mainstream popularity as people have woken up to how dangerous they really are, not just in the UK but around the world. The documentary Legally High looks in the lives of some people who are addicted to these drugs.


Shaun Dooley
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