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Only the Dead
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Only the Dead, a 2015 biographical war documentary following the experiences of Australian journalist Michael Ware beginning from his time as a rookie correspondent in the early days of the Iraq war.


The film captures the horrific violence Michael witnessed while reporting from the epicentre of the war in Iraq starting in 2003. For him, it was like walking a tight-rope between providing excellent journalism and risking his life. In an interesting turn of events, Ware was chosen by a terrorist leader,  Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi to convey messages to the west. Making Ware one of the few journalists in the world to have a true perspective of what was going on from both sides.


Despite defying death on an almost daily basis, Michael Ware spent seven years on the ground in Iraq. This shaky brutally real camcorder footage is the result.

Michael Ware
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