Wildman: My Search For Bigfoot - documentary

Wildman: My Search For Bigfoot
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This feature-length documentary by Mountain Beast Entertainment chronicles the search for the mythical Bigfoot by filmmaker and explorer Justin Chernipeski.


Sasquatch, more commonly known as Bigfoot is a large primitive creature which legends say lives in remote areas of The United States and Canada. The story remains just that, and by many is seen as a conspiracy theory since no physical evidence of the Bigfoot creature as ever been found, dead or alive. Though many people believe that the beast is out there somewhere hiding and will be found one day as does Justin Chernipeski as we see in this Bigfoot documentary film.


The only tantalising evidence explorers have to reference bigfoot from is footage that has been supposedly captured showing brief glimpses of the primate and the possibility of tracks. None of these movies can be verified as being fake or real and have only fueled the conspiracy theory further. Despite all of this Sasquatch could be out there.


Justin Chernipeski
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