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Facebookistan is a study of the site facebook.com which has the policy to ensure that it's users are "open and connected". With a user base of more than a billion and a half users, this policy has caught on extraordinary well over the last 15 years it's of existence, but is that really what the site is all about? As a company, Facebook is certainly not transparent and does not often reveal how they really usel information that their users input into the platform.


As Jakob Gottschau argues in the documentary Facebookistan, Facebook is far from what the original internet principal of sharing open knowledge is about. It is akin to the centralised and closed internet whereby all internet traffic runs through one tyrannical system which is censored, controlled and people with different opinions are simply erased.


With a closed internet actually seeming like it could become a reality thanks to net neutrality being repealed for no logical reason other than to profiteer and centralise the system, Facebookistan has a more poignant message than ever. No matter what you think, I think we can all agree that people have moved into a more centralised system. Rather than "surfing the web" people tend to gain their information only from social media sites which are often full of garbage and use algorithms which ensure you never see fresh, differentiating opinions to yours in case you are "offended".

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