Requiem for the American Dream - documentary

Requiem for the American Dream
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Requiem for the American Dream, a 2010 biographical documentary film directed by Peter Hutchison and Kelly Nyks which focuses on the concentration of wealth and power and how we came to the current status-quo.


The film centres around American linguist and activist Noam Chomsky who has written hundreds of books on topics which influence our society such as, politics, war and the media. In the documentary, he talks about the American dream in a requiem, in the sense that financial schemes have led to a system which promotes financial inequality, crushing the dream which the United States was founded upon.


As has been discussed in other documentaries featured here such as "The One Percent" by Jamie Johnson, Requiem for the American Dream explores how it could even be possible for 1% of the worlds richest nation to possess the vast majority of financial wealth.


This documentary film provides an insight into what will be one of the things this generation will be remembered for; the death of the middle class. However, it goes much further than that and is one of Chomsky's most acclaimed works to this date.

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