The Hunt for Ted Bundy - documentary

The Hunt for Ted Bundy
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This Ted Bundy documentary brings us a close account of how this notorious American serial killer was brought to justice.


Told through personal interviews with police officers who were working on the Bundy case, The Hunt for Ted Bundy explains many untold stories with narration by Kathleen Garrett, who has worked on a number of crime shows including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit from 2008-2011.


For those of who you have not heard of Ted Bundy, he was a pretty brutal man. During the 1970's he killed at least 36 young women and had sex with their dead bodies, a grizzly act similar to what Jeff Dahma did, though Bundy did it on a much larger scale. In fact, prosecutors believed he actually murdered around 100 people, though this will likely never be proved.


Ted Bundy was killed by electric chair in Florida in 1989. To this day he is known as one of the worse ever serial killers and rapists in US history.


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