The Jeffrey Dahmer Files - documentary

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files
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The Jeffrey Dahmer Files: Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the worst serial killers and sex offenders in American history. Between 1978 and 1991 he murdered 17 men.


Dahmer hunted his victims (who were mostly African American) in gay bars and other public places before luring them with the promise of sex and/or money. After drugging them he would strangle them to death and perform sex acts on the corpses, often keeping trophies in the form of skulls and genitals before disposing of the bodies. On top of that, he also took photographs during the murders so he could relive the moment time-and-time again.


This 2012 "The Jeffrey Dahmer Files" documentary, puts together the events leading up to his arrest in the summer of 1991 using archive footage and interviews. Dahmer was charged will all his murders and after a trial was sentenced to 16 life sentences which he served until November 1994, when we was murdered by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver at Columbia Correctional Institution.


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