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Jago Cooper Documentaries

Masters of the Pacific Coast: The Tribes of the American Northwest

ArchaeologyHistory Presenter Jago Cooper 2016 01:06:55 Unrated

To anyone wanting to watch the documentary; the quality is not good but we will update to a higher quality version when available online. Masters of the Pacific Coast: The Tribe...

Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World

ArchaeologyHistory Presenter Jago Cooper 2014 01:38:58

  When one thinks about Easter Island the first thing that comes to mind is the ancient civilisation who lived there 1000’s of years ago and built the great monuments...

The Inca: Masters of the Clouds - Ep 1 Foundations

History Presenter Jago Cooper 2015 00:58:45

Episode 1 of 2. Dr Jago Cooper from the British museum travels to Peru and Ecuador to the stunning areas of Machu Picchu and Cuco to look at the beginnings of the great I...

A collection of Jago Cooper documentaries.