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Tim Peake How to be an Astronaut - documentary

Tim Peake How to be an Astronaut
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A 2015 BBC Horizon doc following the first British Astronaut to travel to the International space station 400km above the Earths surface. You have to be incredibly fortunate to be selected for the privilege of traveling to space, however the selection process is only the beginning of a rigorous six year training program that will push Tim to his limits. Since the only way to get to the ISS is VIA the Soyuz rocket all astronauts have to learn Russian, something that Peake said was one of the most difficult things he had to do in the entire mission having self-confessed to not being a “natural linguist”.


Traveling to the ISS has become a regular task for NASA but they are fully aware that each mission is really a life and death situation. Success depends on thousands of procedures falling into place seamlessly as one sees in the documentary “How to be an Astronaut”.

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Tim Peake
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