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The Last Man on the Moon - documentary

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About The Documentary

The last man to walk on the moon was NASA astronaut Gene Cernan who after three days on the surface conducting experiments left on December 14th, 1972, shortly before the Apollo project was shut down.


The 2016 "The Last Man on the Moon" documentary by British filmmaker Mark Craig tells the story of the Apollo program through the eyes of Cernan (1934 - 2017), which is an epic but deeply personal story of fulfilment, love, and loss.


His last words while climbing up the ladder were "God willing, we shall return," but a fun fact that the documentary reveals is off-the-record they were actually: "All right, let's get this mother out of here and go home." just before hitting the launch button in the Lunar Module to rejoin the command module orbiting the moon.

If you are interested in other documentaries about the Apollo program try "In the Shadow of the Moon" and "Horizon: 40 Years on the Moon".

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