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Unacknowledged, a 2017 feature-length documentary by American filmmaker Michael Mazzola who specialises in exposing secrets, looking at historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced and why.   The film, which features narration from actor Gianca[...]

NASA: Triumph and Tragedy

2009 Unrated

NASA: Triumph and Tragedy, a two-part documentary series hosted by Alisdair Simpson made in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing.   The film features recent interviews with many of the most well known Apollo astronauts including Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and[...]

The Last Man on the Moon


The last man to walk on the moon was NASA astronaut Gene Cernan who after three days on the surface conducting experiments left on December 14th, 1972, shortly before the Apollo project was shut down.   The 2016 "The Last Man on the Moon" documentary by British filmmaker Mark Cr[...]

Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?

2001 Unrated

  Did We Land on the Moon? This age-old conspiracy theory has been around for decades, put forward by people who are convinced that the US government duped the world into thinking that 12 men had walked on the Moon. This documentary examines much of the evidence put forward to back the idea.[...]

Wonders of the Moon


  Our closest neighbour, the moon has always been an enigmatic symbol in the night sky, yet one which represents stability. This barren rock in space bears scars which tell us about the chaotic early days of our solar system because with no atmosphere and geological activity it's surface[...]

Moon Rising 2 - The Greatest Story Ever Denied


An eye opening documentary created by Jose Escamilla exploring theories about space travel and UFO’s. This 2009 moon rising documentary is a follow up to the 2006 original titled UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied.    The UFO cover-up topics covered in this film[...]

Horizon: 40 Years on the Moon


Horizons guide to the Moon documentary. Some would argue that the 1960’s and 70’s were when the greatest achievements by humanity are bestowed because of the space race. Sure, we have Voyaged much further out into the solar system using robots but what seems to constitute a mon[...]

Apollo Zero


The documentary Apollo Zero seeks to prove that no man has ever walked on the surface of the moon, a conspiracy that has been floating around for years now. The core hypothesis is that the moon in 240,000 miles away from Earth so why is it that since the 60’s and 70’s Apollo moon mission[...]

Nova - To the Moon

1999 Unrated

The full story of how the American space program put a man on the moon. This documentary was originally broadcast on July 13th 1999 and tells the largely untold story of the engineering and science behind the project which first went to the moon in 1968 as millions of people watched on T.V[...]

In the Shadow of the Moon (preview)


A documentary about the manned missions to the moon. In the Shadow of the Moon follows the story of these historic events, the likes of which have not been superseded to this date. In the early 1960’s president of The United States proposed that the goal of landing a man on the Moon and b[...]

When we left earth - The Explorers


When we left the earth - the explorers, focuses on the Apollo project after the history landing on the moon by Apollo 11. Apollos 12, 14,15, 16, and 17, as well as the somewhat success of Apollo 13 which was depicted in the 1997 hollywood movie are all looked at in this documentary as well as the sk[...]

When we left earth - Landing the Eagle


In this documentary we explore the Apollo space program which is probably the most well know around the world due to it featuring the historic landing of apollo 11 on the surface of the moon. To get to the moon took a tremendous amount of effort from engine testing to tragic Apollo 1 fire. When w[...]

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