Chariots of the Gods - documentary

Chariots of the Gods
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The Chariots of the Gods documentary is based on a book by famous ancient astronaut theorist Erich Von Daniken.


Von Daniken's theories are well thought out and provide us with an alternative way of looking at monuments on Earth which could have been influenced by extra-terrestrials. According to the Swiss author, not only would it have not been possible to envisage amazing monuments such as the statues on Easter Island and The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt but they actually are imprinted with evidence of human contact with extra-terrestrial beings.


Who were these beings, why did they visit us? what did they teach us? And what have they left behind that we can still learn knowledge from? These are the questions that Erich explores, and while many "conspiracy theories" tend to be intellectually lazy he presents a strong case of all of his ideas which are often hard to refute. Von Daniken is a controversial figure for his outward thinking ideas but who got anywhere without being so? Ultimately The Chariots of the Gods documentary will open your mind to new ideas with which you can make your own mind up about. Even if you can't see light in Daniken diagonal point of view, it will still be a refreshing watch without an ounce of dogma.


Harald Reinl
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