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Mankind: The Story of All of Us

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Presenter Josh Brolin Category History Year 2012 Watch time 12:00:00


Mankind: The Story of All of Us takes through the history of mankind in a highly dramatised way, from a difficult beginning on the African Savannah to the present day where we have become like the gods our ancient ancestors worshipped.


American actor Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men) narrates this historical story which was first shown back in 2012.

Mankind: The Story of All of Us episodes:


Episode 1 Inventors - On a one in a million planet with incredibly good hand, humankind begins to take its first steps. The journey will be a tough one as we certainly didn't start out at the top of the food chain. This documentary shows how we faced extinction, mastered fire and went on to build amazing monuments such as the great pyramids.


Episode 2 Iron Men, focuses on the birth of democracy in Athens and how it was forged on iron.


Episode 3 Empires - A look a how empires which came and went have been intertwined with religion, specifically looking at the Roman Empire and its close connection with Christianity.



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