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Chariots of the Gods

1970 Unrated

The Chariots of the Gods documentary is based on a book by famous ancient astronaut theorist Erich Von Daniken.   Von Daniken's theories are well thought out and provide us with an alternative way of looking at monuments on Earth which could have been influenced by extra-terrestrials.[...]

Naked Science - Close Encounters


  Has planet earth ever had a close encounter with aliens? In this Naked Science - Close Encounters documentary Eric Meyers looks into this possibility and attempts to answer how it could have been done given the immense distances they would have needed to travel to[...]

Strange Signals from Outer Space


A leap to intelligence, this documentary explores the “strange signals from outer space”. For an extraterrestrial explorer there are only a few clips of interest as most of the documentary comprises of scenes that explain failed scenarios, like the researcher who coul[...]

Hubbles Amazing Journey

2011 Unrated

Hubble SPACE TELESCOPES Amazing Journey through space sending back the most detailed images ever of distant galaxies and revealing never seen before mysteries enjoy this Full Documentary

Montauk Chronicles Dark Secrets

2012 Unrated

Full documentary revealing the dark secrets reported at montauk’s camp hero airforce base.

Through The Wormhole: Are We Alone?


We know with almost certainty that aliens are out there in the universe, but why have we not found them yet? Scientist are hoping to change this equilibrium and make contact, a mission that will change our view on the universe like never before. In the documentary Through The Wormhole: Are We Alone?[...]

Aliens: The Big Think


Aliens: the big think documentary. Before Frank Drake and his team of astronomers, cosmologists and thinkers went on a mission to discover extraterrestrial life more than 60 years ago you really could not be taken as a serious scientist if that was your field of study. It’s true our place in t[...]

Ancient Aliens Debunked

2012 Unrated

The Ancient Aliens Debunked documentary aims to debunk not just some but all of the claims made in the 2010 history channel series, Ancient Aliens which has only fueled the fire on this theory. The Ancient astronaut hypothesis as it is also commonly known says that at some time in the dist[...]

Are We Alone in the Universe?


The search for life on other worlds has been enduring for more than 50 years; fore fronted by SETI and Dr Frank Drake. The chance of life existing on other worlds is something that seems almost to be certain as there are billions of planets in our galaxy alone and there are billions of galaxies[...]

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