The Last Orangutan Eden - documentary

The Last Orangutan Eden
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The Last Orangutan Eden, an Orangutan documentary exploring the conservation efforts to help save the primate in its last home in Northern Sumatra. The “person of the forest” as the name translates is a great Ape exclusive to Asia of which there are two species, the Bornean Orangutan and the Sumatran Orangutan, in addition the Bornean species has three sub-species. They live most of their lives in trees, the tops of which are their home and they are considered by many to be the smartest of all the primates. Mostly their diet consists of fruit and when required Orangutan are intelligent enough to create their own tools to access it.


This Orangutan documentary shows how little we know about this amazing creature who's natural habitat is being decimated in many ways due to our lack of knowledge. Narrator Chris Morgan stays at the Eden, a place were “refugee” Orangutan’s have been saved after their home’s were destroyed by logging, palm oil farms and various other deforestation as well as illegal hunting. There are some very young orphans at the eden that need to be trained to survive in the wild so in the film Chris Morgan explores what knowledge the trainers are gathering about adult’s in the wild so they can help ensure that the young orphans can survive in the future on their own.


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