Which Universe Are We In? - documentary

Which Universe Are We In?
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This documentary explores the idea of multiple universes, and multiple instances of our own universe which are all running at the same time; according to the theory described here there is another universe where the Germans won world war 2 and where you are the president of the united states.


"Which Universe are we in?" takes us into the realm of cutting-edge science where the conventional laws of physics no longer apply. It almost seems too amazingly bizarre however the findings are backed up by observable evidence.


Jaye Griffiths
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alex rated

Prepare to have your mind blown. This documentary offers an insight to a radical new theory that everything we know and everything we see, all of the planets, stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies make up just one universe in an infinite multiverse network. Everything we think we know about the universe and how it formed could be thrown away, as we are forced to consider one of the most profound questions that can be asked, What universe are we in?

Reviewed on October 29, 2015

jasonf rated

A beautifully filmed and well structured documentary which is something that i have come to expect from BBC. If you are looking for hard science you will find little of it here as most of the film consists of theoretical physics, not only that most of the theories described here will never be able to be 100% proven. The wall at the edge of universe is as far as we are ever going to be able to observe as it is not a technological limitation but a restriction from space itself. The best chance of making multiverse theories scientific “fact” is through the means of quantum computers where such conditions can be created to give a model of what the multiverse will be which is good but may not ring true for the real universe. Really enjoyed the documentary but you have to remember that all of these theories may be 100% incorrect.

Reviewed on November 26, 2015



ben 2016-09-02 01:21:26

The British presenter is better.



john 2016-09-23 01:24:34

Unfortunately the proper (British) version of the film has been erased from the face of the internet so we can only see the American edit of it. Such a shame though it is pretty much the same doc only missing it's originality.



axryu 2017-03-13 22:27:14

Hello, John. I have a copy of the british version of the film. I can send it to you via wetransfer If you are interested you can contact me at alex_g_900@hotmail.com. Cheers !



smithy 2016-03-11 01:54:49

Watch this a few times and it still completely baffles me.



CBraybrooke 2015-11-03 21:56:54

Alex I agree, this series is just amazing! What would you recommend as something to watch next ? Love the site btw ;)


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