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Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

MysteryNatureScience Presenter Daniel Schmidt 2012 02:00:00 Unrated

  Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds is a four-part documentary which explores the true nature of spiritual experiences in the context of theoretical and proven science.  ...

102 Minutes That Changed America

History9/11 Presenter Nicole Rittenmeyer 2008 01:59:00

  102 Minutes That Changed America, a disturbing feature-length documentary about the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.   The film use...

Aliens of the Deep

NatureAnimal Presenter Jérôme Julienne 2010 00:43:00

  The Aliens of the Deep documentary proves that you don't have to look into deep space to find creatures that look like they are not from our planet.   In t...

Kurt & Courtney

  Kurt & Courtney, a 1998 documentary directed by British filmmaker Nick Broomfield about the tumultuous relationship between Kurt Cobain, Cortney Love and circumstance...

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

Crime Presenter Chris James Thompson 2012 01:16:24

  Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the worst serial killers and sex offenders in American history. Between 1978 and 1991 he murdered 17 men.   Dahmer hunted his victims...

Working with Weinstein

  Harvey Weinstein is a now a figure who doesn't need an introduction after dozens of women spoke out accusing him of sexual harassment, rape and assault. The 2018...

Style Wars

MusicArtSociety Presenter Tony Silver 1983 01:09:47 Unrated

  A 1983 documentary directed by Tony Silver which explores hip-hop culture and it's links to America.   Style Wars shows how incredibly rich this subculture...

The House I Live In

Drugs Presenter Eugene Jarecki 2012 00:49:00 Unrated

  The House I Live In, narrated and directed by Eugene Jarecki (Why We Fight, The King) takes an investigative look into the so-called war on drugs in the United States....

Slavery by Another Name

HistoryCrimeSociety Presenter Sam Pollard 2012 01:24:00 Unrated

  Slavery by Another Name challenges the popular belief that the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, marked the end of slavery...

Richard Trenton Chase: The Vampire of Sacramento

Crime Presenter Christopher Slade 2006 00:44:00 Unrated

  Richard Trenton Chase, a.k.a. "The Vampire of Sacramento", was a cannibal, necrophiliac, and serial killer who was active in California from December 1977 to Ja...

On Any Sunday

SportBiography Presenter Bruce Brown 1971 01:28:40 Unrated

  On Any Sunday is a 1971 documentary about motorcycle racing by Californian filmmaker Bruce Brown.   This academy-award-winning film shows the broad range of di...

Fred & Rosemary West: The House of Horrors

CrimeBiography Presenter Tom Pigott-Smith 2006 00:46:39 Unrated

  The "Fred & Rosemary West: The House of Horrors" documentary examines the terrible murders which took place during the late 1960's until the late 1980&#...

Born Rich

Society Presenter Jamie Johnson 2003 01:07:14 Unrated

  Born Rich, a 2003 documentary by heir to the Johnson & Johnson empire Jamie Johnson who explores experiences of growing up in wealthy families.   Reco...

Big Sugar

SocietyPoliticalFood & Drink Presenter Brian Mckenna 2005 01:29:04 Unrated

  Big Sugar has been big business, not just in recent years with the explosion of the junk food & drink industries but for centuries.   This documentary whic...

A Murder Of Crows

NatureAnimal Presenter Nora Young 2010 01:23:21 Unrated

  A Murder Of Crows shows us crows like never before with narration by Canadian broadcaster and writer Nora Young.   Of all birds, crows are pretty much the most...

The Weather Underground

PoliticalHistory Presenter Lili Taylor 2002 01:30:00 Unrated

  The Weather Underground documentary is about the radical left-wing militant organisation with the same name which was active from 1969-1977.   The 2002 film wh...

Dark States Murder in Milwaukee

Crime Presenter Louis Theroux 2017 00:58:00

  In Dark States Murder in Milwaukee Louis Theroux travels to the city of Milwaukee in Wisconsin which is said to be one of the most divided cities in the United States....

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Face to Face with Isis

SocietyPoliticalWar Presenter Stacey Dooley 2018 00:33:00

  One year after her first visit to Iraq BBC3 journalist Stacey Dooley returns seeking justice for young women whose lives have been changed forever by the terror group in...

Programming of Life 2: EARTH

Conspiracy Presenter Jason LaBarge 2015 00:36:39 Unrated

  Programming of Life 2: EARTH, is the follow-up to the popular documentary "Programming of life" by Jason LaBarge which examines the delicate balance of life on...

Back to Eden

Environment Presenter Paul Gautschi 2011 01:43:07 Unrated

  Back to Eden is the story of Paul Gautschi who has made his own garden of Eden.   This gardening documentary follows Paul after he decided to go back to "...

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Recent reviews

Professor Green: Working Class White Men

Vic rated

V.good. A little biased as with leading questions for Lewis but still valuable piece of work.

Reviewed on February 21, 2018

102 Minutes That Changed America

john rated

Incredible documentary, the most poignant part for me was how people were reacting to what was unfolding before their eyes. It was so unclear just what the hell was going on, and then the second plane hit and everything changed.

Reviewed on February 21, 2018

Naked Science - Close Encounters

surreyseo rated

interesting... to say the least

Reviewed on February 09, 2018

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

surreyseo rated

a very interesting documentary! will change your perspective on the "spirit molecule"

Reviewed on February 09, 2018

KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy

dude rated

Crazy I can't believe the way these people are thinking.

Reviewed on January 24, 2018

Drugs Map of Britain - 1. Wolverhampton: Getting Off Mamba

veronica rated

This is rather an eye opener story that relates to drugs. I feel sorry that the effects has gone this bad, he should have taken care of his body. Well, this is very informative. Thanks!

Reviewed on February 10, 2017

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