The Girl in the Box - documentary

The Girl in the Box
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The Girl in the Box: a 2016 crime documentary telling the horrendous story of Colleen Stan by producer Stephen Kemp.


20-year-old Colleen was a reasonably experienced hitchhiker and was always cautious about who she decided to travel with. In 1977 she was hitchhiking from her hometown of Eugene, Oregon when a young couple pulled up in a van offering her a ride. Observing the two as being friendly and having a baby on board, Colleen decided to take them up on the offer. It was a big mistake.


Colleen had been picked up by Cameron Hooker and Janice Hooker who had been out on the hunt for someone to kidnap. The pair had a fetish for bondage and wanted to take their insatiable sexual fantasies to the next level.


For seven years between 1977 and 1984, Colleen was held captive and made to endure some of the worst torture imaginable. During the trial, Colleen's experience was described as unparalleled in FBI history. The "The Girl in the Box" documentary describes those events. 


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