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This Film Is Not Yet Rated
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American director Kirby Dick presents the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated which is a film about the American movie rating system. The Motion Picture Association of America (also known as the MPAA) is a powerful governing body on the age restrictions for movies, they have the final say on who is the correct audience for a particular movie and ultimately where and when it will be shown. The small age rating badge on a DVD cover may not look much of a big deal however, the MPAA who put it there are considered to be “the elite” to film makers and “hollywoods best kept secret”. 


The academy award winning documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated goes undercover to find out who the people giving out ratings for movies are and turns censoring on the censors. Not only does Kirby Dick investigate inside the MPAA to find out how it operates he also speaks to film makers about how the ratings of their movies has effected their careers. Some people argue that ratings are often given from the subjective point of view of a sexual-content obsessed judge. Is this really true? This Film Is Not Yet Rated aims to find out. 


The motion picture association gave This Film Is Not Yet Rated a 17 and above age rating as it contains some graphic sexual content. Ironically the British Board of Film Classification which the documentary does not investigate gave the documentary their highest age restriction of 18(R).


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