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Tarantula: Australias King of Spiders documentary cover image
Boxing at the Movies: Kings of the Ring documentary cover image
City In The Sky – Airborne documentary cover image
Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Rainforest documentary cover image
Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room documentary cover image
The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet documentary cover image
City In The Sky – Airborne documentary cover image
The corporation documentary cover image
TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard documentary cover image
Colour: The Spectrum of Science Ep1 Colours of Earth documentary cover image
Great Barrier Reef With David Attenborough - Episode One documentary cover image
Killer Tanks: The KV Tank - Russian Steel Monster documentary cover image

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Indian Leopard: In the Killing Fields documentary cover image

Indian Leopard: In the Killing Fields

Presented byBert Deivert
Run time00:51:08
Rated Unrated

Indian Leopard documentary. The Indian Leopard (Panthera paradus fusca) is a subspecies of the Leopard family and is located across the Indian continent.  This big cat has distinctive yellow fur...

Tarantula: Australias King of Spiders documentary cover image

Tarantula: Australias King of Spiders

Presented byAnthony Phelan
Run time00:44:56
Rated 90

Tarantula documentary. The Tarantula is a large and hairy arachnid which is a part of the Theraphosidae spider family. This one of the most varied species on the planet since there are 900 known varia...

Ultimate Guide: Dolphin documentary cover image

Ultimate Guide: Dolphin

Presented byWill Lyman
Run time01:05:10
Rated Unrated

Ultimate guide: Dolphin documentary. Dolphins are a diverse group of marine mammals dissimilar to whales and porpoises but grouped as paraphyletic. Currently there are 40 known species of this animal...

1968 Vietnam War documentary cover image

1968 Vietnam War

Presented byPeter Snow
Run time00:58:46
Rated Unrated

20th Century Battlefields 1968 Vietnam war documentary. The Vietnam war, also known as the resistance war against America was a cold war era proxy war which began on the first of November 1955 and end...

Boxing at the Movies: Kings of the Ring documentary cover image

Boxing at the Movies: Kings of the Ring

Presented byDanny Leigh
Run time00:59:33
Rated 95

Boxing at the movies: Kings of the Ring, a documentary directed by Angus Mclntyre which looks through the history of boxing in the cinema from its early days right through to the present day. At first...

Tankies: Tank Heroes of World War 2 documentary cover image

Tankies: Tank Heroes of World War 2

Presented byMark Urban
Run time00:59:08
Rated Unrated

Tankies: Tank Hero’s of World War 2. This is a two part documentary series first published by the BBC in 2013 and presented by former tank commander Mark Urban. A film chronicalling the story of...

Foo Fighters Back And Forth documentary cover image

Foo Fighters Back And Forth

Presented byFoo Fighters
Run time01:40:54
Rated Unrated

Foo Fighters Back And Forth, a documentary about the swift rise to fame of Nirvana in the late 80’s, its demise and the rise of the Foo Fighters fronted by Nirvana’s drummer Dave Grohl. Ni...

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Recent reviews

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room reviewed documentary cover image

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

This film is a wake up call for the average person working in a big corporation. This case with Enron left a lot of hard working Americans out of a job, pension, and corporate benefits. When working for a big corporation you can only hope that, the powerful few are practicing sound business procedures. This was not the case with Enron. This film documents the how and why Enron fell from its high stature and those affected along the way. Enron is the perfect example of what our world has become: self-interested and money hungry. Enron was responsible for roaming blackouts in California so they could charge more for their energy. Enron seems to be an appropriate microcosm for what is going on in our world, in that, the powers that be are making us so dependant on oil and gas while at the same time not releasing the technology that could do away with those fossil fuels. We have the technology check out the Disclosure Project.

Reviewed on June 27, 2016
The corporation reviewed documentary cover image

The corporation

The Corporation is simply awesome. "The film charts the development of the corporation as a legal entity from its genesis to unprecedented legal protection stemming from creative interpretation of the 14th amendment, that is from its origins as an institution chartered by governments to carry out specific public functions, to the rise of the vast modern institutions entitled to the legal rights of a "person." One central theme of the documentary is an attempt to assess the "personality" of the corporate "person" by using diagnostic criteria from the DSM-IV; Robert Hare, aUniversity of British Columbia Psychology Professor and FBI consultant, compares the modern, profit-driven corporation to that of a clinically diagnosed psychopath."( Wikipedia.com) With the emergance of a New World Order, look for corporations to emerge as separate nations. People will look to their respective corporation for sustenance. The corporation will reign as dictator over the people if the people let that happen.

Reviewed on June 26, 2016
The Armstrong Lie reviewed documentary cover image

The Armstrong Lie

The title of the OP comes from this documentary and is one of the best truths I've heard from a movie or documentary.

It's so true. People would like to believe a beautiful lie so much they'll deceive themselves and go into denial mode.

I still remember before Armstrong came out and admitted it himself to doping, I got into a huge argument with a friend about how he was guilty, and the friend was certain he was drug free, arguing it's possible he was very genetically gifted.

At the time all his team mates were coming out to testify against him, but my friend stood firmly on Lance Armstrong's side. Then I went on the forums to read what others had to say and about 50% of the people were calling the other side haters.

Then he came out to admit the truth and the ones who believed the lies decided to hate Lance the most. My friend never wanted to touch upon the topic again, and deep down I always wanted to tell him "Ha, I told you so!" but if I did I knew we wouldn't be friends anymore.

Learn to differentiate between the beautiful lie and the ugly truth.

Reviewed on June 05, 2016
Inside Job reviewed documentary cover image

Inside Job

I can´t believe that so many people are placing blame on the homeowners as if they had any responsibility about this.

As the documentary correctly points out. For 40 years after The Great Depression, were no global crisis like this one. With all the Government regulation that was placed, banks made responsible loans to people that could afford them. If they didn´t, the loans were not given. Pure and simple.

After deregulation, the financial system began this complex loan system that many of them did not quite understand and started granting loans to people they knew could not afford.

But how could the average joe know? For decades, we always thought that banks would not give loans to people that could not afford it. The banks, accountants and economic advisers are the ones who have the "know-how" about it, not the average joe.

The documentary did not blame homeowners because:

1. They did not benefit from this like the people in Wallstreet

2. They were duped by those with knowledge.

Pure and simple.

Reviewed on May 25, 2016
Everything and Nothing reviewed documentary cover image

Everything and Nothing

Excellent documentary series that covers a deep wealth of information about the reality we as humans have managed to comprehend over the centuries. I really enjoyed the first episode but the second one is especially good since it delves right into some of the modern defining moments of our understanding of the cosmos, for example the Dirac equation, its monumental connection between Einsteins law of relativity and quantum mechanics the likes of which are intensely difficult to truly understand.

The only problem with this fantastically produced and well researched series by Jim Al-Khalili is that fitting all the information (almost (by a long stretch)) we know about the universe into a 2 hour series has proven a difficult task, and for a viewer who is just being introduced to the stepping stones upon our knowledge could well end up delirious.

A very fluent documentary exploring how we have gained our current knowledge of everything and nothing.

Reviewed on May 12, 2016

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