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Docur Spotlight Theme: Solar System

Jupiter: The Giant Planet spotlight cover

Jupiter: The Giant Planet

Jupiter documentary. In this film we travel more than 700,000 km out to the gas giant planet Jupiter on a voyage to discover the properties of it and its orbiti...

The Outer Planets: Uranus - Neptune - Pluto spotlight cover

The Outer Planets: Uranus - Neptune - Pluto

The Outer planets, Uranus, pluto and Neptune documentary. This documentary focuses on the cold outer-side of our solar system and its planets.   Uran...

Inner Planets: Venus - Mercury spotlight cover

Inner Planets: Venus - Mercury

Inner Planets: Venus - Mercury documentary.   Venus is the second furthest planet from the sun named after the roman goddess of love and is some...

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 Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief documentary cover image
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 Man with a Movie Camera documentary cover image

Man with a Movie Camera

Presented byMikhail Kaufman
Run time01:08:45
Rated 100

A man travels around a city with a camera slung over his shoulder, documenting urban life with dazzling invention. This is one of the first “documentary” film examples which documents the...

Hoop Dreams documentary cover image

Hoop Dreams

Presented byWilliam Gates
Run time02:51:28
Rated Unrated

Hoop Dreams is a 1994 documentary created by filmmaker Steve James (Hampton, Virginia, USA) about two young basketball players from inner-city Chicago who are working towards becoming professional pla...

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward documentary cover image

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Presented byPeter Joseph
Run time02:41:25
Rated Unrated

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is a feature length documentary film that presents a case for moving from the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the world today to something mor...

Roger & Me documentary cover image

Roger & Me

Presented byMichael Moore
Run time01:43:54
Rated Unrated

Roger and me is the first documentary produced by the world renowned film producer Michael More. In this film Michael Moore chases the CEO of General motors in the quest for answers about the closure&...

Koyaanisqatsi documentary cover image


Presented byGodfrey Reggio
Run time01:26:08
Rated Unrated

Koyaanisqatsi is a 1982 documentary film directed by American film maker Godfrey Reggio (b March 29, 1940 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA). The film uses only images and music to tell a drama...

Touching the Void documentary cover image

Touching the Void

Presented byJoe Simpson
Run time01:46:23
Rated 100

Touching the Void is a 2003 documentary film based on a book by Joe Simpson about Joes' and Simon Yates' near fatal attempt to summit mount Siula Grande. The Siula Grade peak is located i...

Voyage of Time documentary cover image

Voyage of Time

Presented byBrad Pitt
Run time00:01:40
Rated Unrated

(Trailer only, the film is set to be released in October 2016) Voyage of Time is a new 2016 science documentary narrated by Hollywood actors Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett examining the story of...

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The Imposter reviewed documentary cover image

The Imposter

What I believe happened.

Nicholas came home from playing basketball angry at his mother for not picking him up and angry at his brother for not waking up his mother. I don't think a screaming match ensued between the three, but most likely attitude was thrown left and right until finally it hit a nerve in Jason. He probably pushed Nicholas or chased him in attempt to hurt him (not kill) and in the process Nicholas fell and died. My guess is he hit his head on something.

The mother (Beverly) and Jason ended up realizing that they couldn't call the police because of their history with drugs and Beverly's recent drug addiction. They would most likely end up serving serious time seeing they were unfit guardians in possession of drugs when Nicholas died. Therefore they plan to hide the body. They end up burying it in the backyard just how it was said in the film. Fastforward: Beverly checks into rehab within months of the disappearance. Kinda strange to alienate yourself from your family after your child disappears if you ask me. And the fact that she did it almost immediately tells me she wanted to be clean just in case the police ever came to ask her questions.

In the following year or so, I believe Beverly ends up telling Carey what happened. I don't think Carey was there the night Nicholas died nor did she have any involvement whatsoever. Fastforward a few months: the memories of the house where Nicholas died become too much for Beverly to handle so they move. Before they move she has Jason dig up Nicholas' body and dump it somewhere else. This would explain the leftover pieces of tarp or whatever the new homeowner found back there.

Fastforward 2 years later: Carey gets a call that they "found" her brother. First we're told that she screamed over the phone (possibly horrified because it was not possible since Nicholas was dead; OR remember she wasn't there the night Nicholas died, so she must have believed that her mother and brother lied to her and her scream was sincere because she believed her little brother was actually alive). News about "Nicholas" being found in Spain gets back to Beverly and Jason. They reassure her that the boy they have found is not Nicholas because they know what they did. Instead, they make up a plan to go along with and whoever that "person" that comes home claiming to be Nicholas is will be brought into their family with open arms so it becomes believable just in case the truth of the impostor is ever revealed they will come out looking like innocent victims.

They knew if they didn't go along with it, most likely the police would relaunch the investigation of Nicholas after they were done dealing with the impostor. They never meant for the truth of this impostor posing as Nicholas to get out. They wanted to live their lives as if this really were Nicholas. So when the FBI agent called Carey and told her not to come to the airport, she did it anyway acting as if nothing were wrong. That was Carey's way of telling the agent to leave them alone/they're fine. I think right after the phone call, Carey went to Beverly and told her the truth was out. They made one last attempt by Beverly telling Carey to go pick up "Nicholas" and bring him home. They knew if he stayed with the agent, everything would be revealed that night. But like Frederico said "it was only a matter of weeks" before the full truth came out. There was no preventing it. It was inevitable in this case. But God knows this family tried. We all saw how hard they attempted to keep this "boy returns home after disappearing 3 yrs ago" heroic tale from the media. No one does that.

So bottom line, both Frederico and the family knew the actual truth. However, I don't think they ever told one another what they knew. They sort of just pretended and settled on a silent agreement. "You pretend to be Nicholas for us, you can live your life here in America". It would make sense that they never talked to each other about it. They would both benefit from the silent deal. At this point, Frederico managed to put all the pieces together and concluded that they in fact killed the real Nicholas. Why else would they pretend that he was their son? I honestly do not believe he was lying when he said this. The whole "Beverly confessed to me" I think is made up in an attempt to make the mother look even more guilty than she already was. Basically he put salt in the wound at the last minute for no valid reason other than to taunt the family. And it worked.

Months after the scandal was exposed, Jason knows as long as he's around, the closer the police will get to naming him the prime suspect. I wouldn't say he committed suicide per se. He was probably on a downward spiral and by the time the truth was revealed he was at his end. No Jason=Dead end (no pun intended). Which is exactly what happened. Carey and Beverly can now breathe a sigh of relief. The truth along with possible evidence died with Jason.

There were so many things in this documentary that made me extremely suspicious of the family.
-very beginning; how can someone not recognize there own flesh and blood? it was 3 yrs for crying out loud.
-Jason's odd apathetic behavior upon learning "Nicholas" had returned
-Carey still showing up at the airport even after being told not to, after learning that the FBI agent knew "Nicholas" was not Nicholas
-Mother refused (went ballistic) to do a blood test to prove whether "Nicholas" was her son or not
-Jason reporting to the police, one month after Nicholas' disappearance, that Nicholas tried to break into the home. No other sighting was ever reported by anyone therefore giving off the impression Jason was trying to throw off police by making it seem Nicholas was still alive and a runaway
-the family moving from the home
-mother failing the third polygraph test very unusually. Test was going off the charts
-Right after Nicholas went missing they claimed the story never made it on the news. this makes me believe that they didn't do enough to put the story out there. It's very unusual for a white family in southern Texas to be completely ignored when they report a child missing. Just saying.
-why wasn't there more of the investigation? why didn't the police ever question the family? My guess is the family tried to throw them off multiple times to the point where they didn't see a reason to suspect them in anything.

Carey and Beverly are two very lucky people. In my opinion, they got away scot free. However, they will always live with the guilt and trauma of the disappearance of Nicholas. Which is well deserved since I think they killed him.

It's so strange how life works. It's as if this was all meant to be even under the unusual circumstances. Somehow, a professional con artist/sociopath/liar stumbles upon the name "Nicholas Barclay" when looking for an identity to steal. It's almost as if Nicholas himself was trying to reach out so finally the truth of his murder could get out and justice could be served. Even if it meant just becoming a theory. Knowing people doubt Carey and Beverly was probably enough justice for Nicholas.

Reviewed on July 10, 2016
Man on wire reviewed documentary cover image

Man on wire

I was struck when watching the film that they structured the buildup to the wire walking coup as if the team were terrorists....they move into the South Tower at x time, sombre music and direction, black and white shots of the fake ID cards etc. It seemed kinda insensitive to start with. But then the outcome was this amazing, beautiful act of defiance against death. In retrospect, it could almost be seen as the anti-9/11. A conspiracy by anarchic artists to create joy and wonder. This was obviously the intention of the film makers, which is why the 9/11 attacks were never mentioned. You're supposed to draw the analogy yourself.

Reviewed on July 10, 2016
Blackfish reviewed documentary cover image


Blackfish, a documentary on killer whales in Seaworld, was not only informative but heart wrenching. Watching this documentary I felt compelled to do something about this situation because it was so inspiring. These animals have finally been brought to the spotlight, which I found very empowering. Though, the documentary had a bias towards scientific enthusiasts who want these animals saved from captivity. While they could have done a better job informing and getting rid of the bias they implanted, the bias was almost necessary. Others can argue that they didn?t give Seaworld a fair say in this situation, but ultimately, they are dealing with live animals and if they have to exclude all other opinions to get the attention they need to save these creatures, than so be it. The film educated their audience with scientific facts that are hard to not believe which made the documentary credible. I believe this was just the push necessary to get these animals the exposure they needed to be saved from this cruel, tiny captivity. The filmmakers did a very great job showing emotions and captivating the audience on the issue at hand. Overall, it?s a documentary that everyone should watch because it can educate the public on what, or was, going on at Seaworld.

Reviewed on July 04, 2016
Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room reviewed documentary cover image

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

This film is a wake up call for the average person working in a big corporation. This case with Enron left a lot of hard working Americans out of a job, pension, and corporate benefits. When working for a big corporation you can only hope that, the powerful few are practicing sound business procedures. This was not the case with Enron. This film documents the how and why Enron fell from its high stature and those affected along the way. Enron is the perfect example of what our world has become: self-interested and money hungry. Enron was responsible for roaming blackouts in California so they could charge more for their energy. Enron seems to be an appropriate microcosm for what is going on in our world, in that, the powers that be are making us so dependant on oil and gas while at the same time not releasing the technology that could do away with those fossil fuels. We have the technology check out the Disclosure Project.

Reviewed on June 27, 2016
The corporation reviewed documentary cover image

The corporation

The Corporation is simply awesome. "The film charts the development of the corporation as a legal entity from its genesis to unprecedented legal protection stemming from creative interpretation of the 14th amendment, that is from its origins as an institution chartered by governments to carry out specific public functions, to the rise of the vast modern institutions entitled to the legal rights of a "person." One central theme of the documentary is an attempt to assess the "personality" of the corporate "person" by using diagnostic criteria from the DSM-IV; Robert Hare, aUniversity of British Columbia Psychology Professor and FBI consultant, compares the modern, profit-driven corporation to that of a clinically diagnosed psychopath."( Wikipedia.com) With the emergance of a New World Order, look for corporations to emerge as separate nations. People will look to their respective corporation for sustenance. The corporation will reign as dictator over the people if the people let that happen.

Reviewed on June 26, 2016

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