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Just for Kicks
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Just for Kicks, a 2005 documentary by Thibaut de Longeville about the sub-culture of sneakers.


Yes, if one were to tell you their passion was collecting popular and rare training shoes, you would probably give them a funny look. However, a huge number of people across the United States, from pop-artists to politicians to musicians love their kicks with a passion. This all started with the bboy (breakdancing) movement back in the early 1970's, where performers would wear flash shoes which were also comfortable to compliment their moves. People saw this and over time having a fresh pair of shoes that nobody else had "just for kicks" was seen as a status symbol.


While the trend of buy flash sneakers and "modding" them with custom laces and paint became popular during the 80's, the top manufacturers didn't take much notice. It's wasn't until an executive from Addidas went to a Run-D.M.C gig to see them play "My Adidas" and watched a crowd of 20,000 people hold their Adidas shoes in the air did they release where their true market lay. The rest is history, which this documentary explores through interviews with people who lived through that cultural revolution.


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